Is an Immigration Lawyer Necessary?
Without reviewing all facts, it cannot be stated whether using a lawyer is
advisable in a particular case. Many carefully prepared applications are
successfully filed without the aid of a licensed lawyer or representative
accredited by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ).

However, there have always been complexities in the immigration laws.
The federal government and courts issue new rules and procedures each
day. Some  seemingly simple forms can result in denial or deportation
proceedings if, for example, they are filed a day early or a day late.

Federal law permits attorneys licensed by their state supreme court, and
representatives accredited by the DOJ to handle immigration matters for
a fee. The law also allows clerics and trusted friends to handle
applications, but without a fee. Immigration fraud is a serious problem,
and is usually the result of applications being handled by "notarios" and
others who are not trained in the law and have no accountability.
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